God's Goodness

He fills you with the finest of the wheat.
PSALM 147:11
God's Goodness
When we see a whole field or one grain, we should recognize not only God's goodness but also His power and say to ourselves: "O lovely grain! God gives you to us in abundance out of His great goodness. And with what great power He protects you! What dangers have you not survived from the hour when you were sown until you are put on the table! With what mighty power has He not torn you from the devil's fingers and hands, which clutch and snatch to destroy you and starve us!" . . . A devout and believing heart understands well how useless all our plowing, sowing, and the like would be without the help of God's gifts. Although we are to do such work with diligence and seek our nourishment from the soil (Genesis 3:19), we are not to depend solely on this as though it could be done with our hands. More than our hands is necessary. God must bless and prosper it, and then mightily defend it against all devils.

From Commentary on Psalm 147 (Luther's Works 14:122-23)
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