Treasures in Heaven

Better is the little that the righteous has than the abundance of many wicked.
PSALM 37:16
Treasures in Heaven
But a Christian does not grasp things for himself this way. He has invested his treasures in heaven, in the lap of God, and says: "Dear Lord, I know that Thou hast more. Thou hast more than it would ever be possible for Thee to distribute. With Thee I shall never suffer want, for if necessary, the heavens will have to rain down guldens. Be Thou my coffer and cellar and loft. In Thee I have my treasure. If I have Thee, I have enough." These are real Christians. . .. If we only could believe, there would be no want. Our Lord God is a good Goldsmith who can turn one gulden into more than a hundred thousand. It does not depend on cash reserves, and he who has an unbelieving heart will not get as far with a thousand guldens as he who trusts God will get with one gulden.

From Commentary on Psalm 112 (Luther's Works 13:400-401)
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