Take Refuge in the Lord

[The LORD] knows those who take refuge in Him.
Take Refuge in the Lord
This, too, is a word overflowing with comfort—that the Lord knows His people, that He keeps an eye on them, protects and watches over them, that they are His concern, as David says in the psalm (Psalm 121:4): "Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep." What greater comfort can one have in every adversity, every temptation, both temporal and spiritual, than that the Lord keeps an eye on him, that he is the Lord's concern? A conviction of this character overcomes sin, death, hell, and every temptation. We, then, must have this sort of conviction in temptation, no matter how great it may be, so that we may have a conviction of glory in the greatest dishonor, a conviction of fullness in the midst of hunger, a conviction of life in the greatest despair over all things, etc. This is what Psalm 1:6 says: "The Lord knows the way of the righteous."

From Lectures on Nahum (Luther's Works 18:288-89)
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