Christ's Banquet

"I tell you, none of those men who were invited shall taste My banquet."
LUKE 14:24
Christ's Banquet
It is as if [Jesus] meant to say: "Well, My supper, too, is something and is surely better than their oxen, fields, and houses or wives, even though they now despise it and regard their fields, oxen, and houses as much more precious. The hour will come when they must leave their oxen, fields, and houses, and would gladly taste something from My supper. But then it will be said: 'Friend, I am not now at home, and I cannot now wait on the guests. Go to your fields, to your oxen, to your houses; they will certainly give you a better supper, because you have despised My supper so confidently and boldly. I have certainly cooked for you and spent much on it, but that is offensive to you. If now you have cooked something better, then eat and be cheerful—except that you will not taste My supper.' " . . . We, however, who accept it and with hearts frightened because of our sins do not decline the grace of God which is preached and offered to us in the Gospel through Christ, will receive grace instead of wrath, eternal righteousness instead of sin, and eternal life instead of eternal death.

From the Church Postil, sermon for Trinity 2 on Luke 10:16-24 (Luther's Works 78:95)
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