The Cry of the Afflicted

He shatters the mighty without investigation and sets others in their place. Thus, knowing their works, he overturns them in the night, and they are crushed. He strikes them for their wickedness in a place for all to see, because they turned aside from following him and had no regard for any of his ways, so that they caused the cry of the poor to come to him, and he heard the cry of the afflicted.
Job 34:24–28
The Cry of the Afflicted
If you have ever stood in line at the DMV, then you know the frustration which can accompany it.  Government bureaucracies are not known for their efficiency nor their customer service. Whether this is justified or not, you can decide.  But no matter what one’s opinion, few if any relish the opportunity to stand in line for hours to be told that you don’t have the right paperwork and will need to fill it out and get back in line. This idea of having to always wait for an answer is frustrating when dealing with the DMV but can become too much to bear when we approach God in this way.  For many, speaking with God is viewed in the same light of standing in line at the DMV. There are too many people, asking or too many things, and when I finally get my chance, what if I ask the wrong thing or forget what I was there for in the first place?  Yet this is not the God we have. This is not how He comes to us.  In His omniscience, God knows our needs even before we ask (Matthew 6:8). He invites us to speak with Him one on one, without reservation.  In fact, we have a standing reservation with the Father at all times.  He bids us to come to Him, for He hears our cries. In our afflictions He answers us with His Son. Christ comes and takes our pains and sufferings and carries them for us. He takes those sins which weigh on us and torment us and they hang with Him on the cross. And it is there that they are wiped away.  And as the Holy Spirit has called us to faith, we know our cries will not go unanswered, for they have already been answered. In the blood of the Lamb our afflictions were soothed, our pains were healed. We need not wonder if God hears us, a bloody cross and an empty tomb cry out a resound, “Yes! I have heard your cries, and have given you comfort in forgiveness through My Son.”  
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