Hidden Behind Doors

Who can open the doors of his face? Around his teeth is terror. His back is made of rows of shields, shut up closely as with a seal.
Job 41:14–15
Hidden Behind Doors
God continues to describe this frightening beast the leviathan. He speaks of “the doors of his face” being unable to be opened. This seems to be a strange description indeed. Yet if we think about those doors and what is concealed behind them, we start to understand a bit more. This beast’s face is hidden in the sense that we do not or cannot see what it truly is presumably until it is too late. So it is with many of the “beasts” that we face in our lives. They conceal themselves behind charming and unassuming doors. Some are attractive and inviting, others are mysterious and alluring. They entice us to open them and step through. The devil hides in plain sight so often that we forget he is there roaming around like a lion ready to pounce. Yet when the doors are open and we see behind them we see nothing but sin, death, and destruction. This is why Christ has come to us so that He could break the doors of hell and set us free. He walks through them so that we would not have to. His death and resurrection revealed Satan for who he is and we need not fall for his temptations. Through God’s Word and Sacraments, the doors of heaven are opened to us and we have life.      
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