Flash Forth Light

His sneezings flash forth light, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the dawn. Out of his mouth go flaming torches; sparks of fire leap forth.
Job 41:18–19
Flash Forth Light
Many commentators have suggested that the leviathan is some sort of long-extinct dragon. A fierce creature that could breathe fire. Whether this is true or not is really not of great concern to us today. What we do know and understand is that this creature was a menace and terror to God’s people of old. They feared the leviathan for its power and deadly abilities. Though we may not have to deal with an actual leviathan today we nonetheless contend with an adversary whose only desire is our destruction.  The devil seeks after us in order to destroy our faith and separate us from God. From his mouth flashes forth the light of deception and lies. He seeks nothing more than our total rejection of God. Yet we need not fear. God has sent His only Son to die for us so that the flames of the tempter will be dowsed. In the waters of Holy Baptism, God extinguishes any flame that the devil had kindled in our hearts and soothes us with His promise of life eternal. This does not mean the devil accepts his fate. No, he continues to scorch us with his flames of deceit and sin. He never rests in His pursuit of our soul. But God’s Word gives us the promise of safety and life in Christ Jesus. Through His Means of Grace, the flames of the devil are continuously drowned out as the true Light of the world shines through us in Christ Jesus.    
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