Heart of Stone

His heart is hard as a stone, hard as the lower millstone. When he raises himself up, the mighty are afraid; at the crashing they are beside themselves.
Job 41:24–25
Heart of Stone
We often describe someone as having a heart of stone when they seem to have no feeling of sympathy for others. The pain and suffering of the world do not affect them it appears. The leviathan is described as having a heart of stone as well, and this could apply to this creature as well, but what it really highlights is that this creature could not be killed. A heart of stone cannot be pierced. We do not have hearts of stone, no matter how calloused they may be, they can still be pierced. The devil, the world, and our own sinful flesh try their best to form in us hearts of stone that reject God and all His good gifts, but Christ turned our stone hearts into living vessels of His love. As His own heart was pierced by the Roman spear and blood and water flowed out Christ conquered sin, death, and the devil for us. So that our hearts of stone would be softened into hearts of love, love towards God, and love towards our neighbor. In faith, we are reconciled to our Father for Christ’s sake.
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