A Vision

The vision of Obadiah.
Obadiah 1a
A Vision
Obadiah, the author of the shortest book in the Old Testament, wrote most likely sometime soon after the armies of Babylon had destroyed Jerusalem in 586 B.C. During this conquest, as God’s people were fleeing the people of Edom helped capture them and hand them over to the Babylonians. They even went as far as settling in some of the Judean villages. These actions against God’s people angered the Lord, because the Edomites we related to the Israelites, having descended from Esau. Instead of helping the Babylonians, they should have been helping the Israelites. So in the midst of this chaos, God sent a vision to His prophet Obadiah. God does not leave His people to the evil whims of the fallen world. Though we may suffer, the Lord provides for His people. He did it during the days of Obadiah, and He does it still today. Christ has come to set us free from sin, death, and the devil, so that we might live in Him. Obediah’s prophecy that Edom would be repaid for mistreating God’s people came true, just as God’s promise to send the Messiah was kept. Therefore, we need never doubt God’s love or protection for us, simply look to the cross and see the promise fulfilled.
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