Rejoice not over me, O my enemy; when I fall, I shall rise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD will be a light to me. I will bear the indignation of the LORD because I have sinned against him, until he pleads my cause and executes judgment for me. He will bring me out to the light; I shall look upon his vindication. Then my enemy will see, and shame will cover her who said to me, “Where is the LORD your God?” My eyes will look upon her; now she will be trampled down like the mire of the streets.  
Micah 7:8–10

            Like Job sitting in ash and sackcloth, the confession of a guilty nation is heard. There would be punishment, exile, and fear. But God heard His people and would ultimately deliver them. Our sins separate us from our heavenly Father. Our sin causes us to be taken captive by the world, the devil, and our own flesh. Our sin leads us to wander in exile in the desert of despair. Yet, God hears our repentant pleas for mercy and executes judgment for us. He brings us into His light to look upon His face. Because Christ died on the cross for us, we are vindicated. The world, the devil, and our own sinful flesh are destroyed in God’s judgment. We are made new and clothed in the righteousness of Christ. When the world mockingly asks, “Where is the LORD your God?" We point to the cross and look upon our salvation. We hear His Word and are strengthened. We receive His body and blood and are forgiven. In His holy waters of Baptism, we are delivered.
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