Back Again

An oracle concerning Nineveh. The book of the vision of Nahum of Elkosh.
Nahum 1:1
Back Again
Another oracle about Nineveh. The prophet Jonah reluctantly preached repentance in the streets of Nineveh about a hundred years prior to Nahum. And in Jonah’s day the people of that great city responded in repentance and were spared. But now Nahum preaches in a time when Nineveh would refuse to repent. A divinely inspired message was given to the prophet Nahum as he is sent by God. It is a heavy burden to have laid up on one’s shoulders. But nonetheless, God calls him to speak a terrifying word of judgment against Nineveh. Nahum is committed to writing the entire message God revealed to him, yet little is known about the prophet. We know his name means “comforter,” suggesting that his prophecy, a word of judgment against Nineveh, brought comfort to God’s people. Just as God continues to call men into the holy ministry today to deliver His Word of warning and mercy. In God’s Law and Gospel, we are shown our sins, and in repentance, they are washed away in the comforting Words of the Gospel. Let us never turn a deaf ear to God’s Words. May we always be open to His truth of Christ crucified for us.
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