A Fickle Bunch

The oracle of the word of the LORD to Israel by Malachi.
Malachi 1:1
A Fickle Bunch
We are a fickle bunch of people. Always complaining and then when we get our way ignoring the blessings, as we turn to another distraction. Perpetually unsatisfied, we rage against God and then ignore His blessings. Not much has changed since the days of the prophet Malachi. Although the urging of Haggai and Zechariah had brought the completion of the temple in 516 B.C., this had not produced the messianic age many expected. The warm response to Zechariah’s call to repentance had grown cold, because God apparently had not restored the covenant blessings. Malachi, writing a short time later, called the people to repentance with respect to the priesthood, which had become corrupt; worship, which had become routine; divorce, which was widespread; social justice, which was being ignored; and tithing, which was neglected. It is no surprise that these words from God as recorded by the prophet Malachi are the last words for over 400 years, until the coming of Christ. We ignore what is good for us and run headlong into that which is harmful. It is only with God’s intervention that we are saved. He comes into our broken and fallen world to heal and make new. Christ did this 400 years after Malachi prophesied and He continues to do it today through His Word and Sacraments. We have a great and good God who wants us to know Him. He comes to us in our rebellion and restores us to Himself. Thank God that He does.
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