Restored and Made New

10 Have we not all one Father? Has not one God created us? Why then are we faithless to one another, profaning the covenant of our fathers?  Malachi 2:10

Restored and Made New
The Lord created us because of his love. He creates us in his image and in his likeness. He is faithful to us as he showers us with his love. In Adam’s sin, we have all become one rebellious man. Each father passing it down to the next, we have broken the image of God. No longer do we naturally fear, love, and trust in him. In addition to our hereditary sin, we commit our own sins. We run from our God, and we ignore and break his commands. We need something or someone to interrupt us in our sin to redirect us to the Father. The answer must come from outside of us. The answer comes from God. He sends his only Son to interrupt and to make new. He sends his only Son to take our sin from us and to give us righteousness and peace again. Jesus restores us to the image of God. Jesus creates in us a clean heart. He does all this because he loves you. He sheds his blood to end the reign of sin and death and to give you his own life. He rises again on Easter for your justification and live with you forever.
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