Soaring and Flying

He made my feet like the feet of a deer and set me secure on the heights.
PSALM 18:33
Soaring and Flying
[This verse appears also in the prophet Habakkuk (3:19), where Luther comments:] That is equivalent to saying: "The Lord is still my God and my whole strength, We shall rejoice over that, skipping about and leaping like hinds [deer]. That is how our feet will be, no longer wading and crawling in the mire but soaring and flying joyfully on the heights. We shall do nothing but sing happily, play, and express our joy in every way. That will happen when the Babylonian scepter is cursed and destroyed and we are delivered and the Christ has appeared with His kingdom. Amen."

From Lectures on Habakkuk (German) (Luther's Works 19:237)
March 11
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