Founded on the Rock

Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.
PSALM 30:5
Founded on the Rock
This means that that disaster will be of short duration. One bad night before the morning breaks. . .. But every trial seems permanent to our mind, and our reason does not see the end of the trial. Therefore divine mercy appoints an end for it which we cannot grasp. With God our trial is but of an evening's duration. The flesh, however, does not know how to reckon this but judges according to the senses. Therefore we must rather cling by faith to the Word of God. But these promises apply to us by way of example. For although we have the Word, we must expect all the trouble that others have sustained. Therefore, for the same affliction we make use of the same promise and comfort. Trials seem long lasting, but they are short before God, who provides the outcome and will indeed permit us to be afflicted but not overcome. For we are founded on the solid Rock, which is Christ.

From Lectures on Isaiah (Luther's Works 16:156-57)
April 13
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