Our Active God

[The LORD] is wonderful in counsel and excellent in wisdom.
ISAIAH 28:29
Our Active God
Therefore let us learn this rule and order which God is wont to employ in governing His saints. For I, too, have often attempted to prescribe to God definite methods He should use in the administration either of the church or of other matters. "Ah, Lord," I have said, "I would like this to be done in this order, with this result!" But God would do the very opposite of what I had sought. Then the thought would come to me: "Nevertheless, my plan is not disadvantageous to the glory of God; but it will contribute very much toward the hallowing of Thy name, the gathering and increasing of Thy kingdom, and the propagation of the knowledge of Thy Word. In short, it is a very fine plan and excellently thought out." But the Lord undoubtedly laughed at this wisdom and said: "Come now, I know that you are a wise and learned man; but it has never been My custom for Peter, Dr. Martin, or anyone else to teach, direct, govern, and lead Me. I am not a passive God. No, I am an active God who is accustomed to do the leading, ruling, and directing."

From Lectures on Genesis (Luther's Works 7:104)
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