The Supreme Consolation

"Father, I desire that they also, whom You have given Me, may be with Me where I am, to see My glory that You have given Me because You loved Me before the foundation of the world."
JOHN 17:24
The Supreme Consolation
Here is the supreme consolation. If a man could believe it were true, he would be little concerned about this temporal life and all the world's possessions and honor. Indeed, he would gladly forsake everything on earth. For what harm can the world do us by taking from us possessions, honor, body, and life? – except to require us to come to Christ and see His glory, compared with which all the possessions and glory of the world are nothing at all. But we are too cold and hesitant to believe this. We do not feel the comfort, strength, and savor that the words possess. Moreover, the glory of the matter is too great (as has been said) to enter our heart. For it is too far beyond our senses and too high above human understanding that this poor, stinking sack of worms is to come to see such matchless, divine glory eternally and ever before its eyes. Yes, and through that glory my body and yours, after they have been corrupted in the earth and destroyed by worms, shall become brighter thar the sun and stars [Daniel 12:3]. For the vision of glory includes all this, together with everything that we shall possess and enjoy in eternal life and bliss, which no human tongue can express nor thought attain.

From Sermons on the Gospel of John, Chapters 17-20 (Luther's Works 69:115)
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