The Active Word of God

From among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them. Therefore be alert . . ..
ACTS 20:30-31
The Active Word of God
If there were no such sects through which the devil awakened us, we would become too lazy and would sleep and snore ourselves to death. Further, both faith and the Word would become dull and rusty among us until everything were destroyed. But instead such sects are our whetting stone and burnisher that sharpen and hone our faith and doctrine, so that they shine bright and pure like a mirror; and [we] also become acquainted thereby with the devil and his intentions and become ready and skilled for battle against him. . .. In the second place, the Word itself will also in this way be brought to light before the world all the better and more brightly, so that many, who would not otherwise come to it, will learn of the truth through such controversy, or else will be strengthened in it. For the Word of God is an active thing [Hebrews 4:121, and so God gives it its work to do, hanging and harrowing both the world and the devil upon it, that His power and might may be revealed and the lies be put to shame.

From Luther's preface to Justus Menius, The Doctrine and Secret of the Anabaptists (Luther's Works 59:268)
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