God Provides Abundantly

Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good for His steadfast love endures forever!
PSALM 118:1
God Provides Abundantly
God abundantly and convincingly proves His friendly and gracious favor by His daily and everlasting goodness, as the psalmist writes: “His steadfast love endures forever"; that is, He unceasingly showers the best upon us. He is the Creator of our bodies and souls, our Protector by day and by night, and the Preservers of our lives. He causes the sun and the moon to shine on us, fire, air, water, and the heavens to serve us. He causes the earth to give food, fodder, wine, grain, clothes, wood, and all necessities. He provides us with gold and silver, house and home, wife and child, cattle, birds, and fish. In short, who can count it all? And all this is bountifully showered upon us every year, every day, every hour, and every minute. Who could measure even this one goodness of God, that He gives and preserves a healthy eye or hand? When we are sick or must get along without one of these, then we begin to realize what a blessing it is to have a healthy hand, foot, leg, nose, or finger; then we begin to realize what a blessing bread, clothing, water, fire, and home are. . . Therefore this verse should be in the heart and mouth of every man every day and every moment.

From Commentary on Psalm 118 (Luther's Works 14:47, 49)
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