He Will Deliver

For he wounds, but he binds up; he shatters, but his hands heal. He will deliver you from six troubles; in seven no evil shall touch you.
Job 5:18-19
He Will Deliver
Suffering is a part of life due to the fall into sin.  It is unavoidable.  Sometimes it comes by our own hands when we sin. Other times it comes from those outside of us when they sin against us. Still at other points it is simply the result of living in a broken and sinful world, as when disease and famine come.  In Job's case we know God allows the devil to inflict this suffering upon him.  Yet it is God who ultimately will restore Job to an even greater position than before his suffering came upon him.  This is what makes reading Job so difficult for people.  They see a god who is simply playing games with his people and then tries to make it up by giving Job more things.  When viewed this way there is no justifying what is happening, as if God indeed need to justify Himself before man.  Yet, when viewed through the proper lens it makes proper sense.  Yes, indeed Job is wounded, not by God, yet God binds him up.  Job life is shattered into pieces, not by God, yet God is the one to heal him.  In all of Job’s troubles it is our loving Father who rescues him.  Just as a surgeon must first cut the mother to perform a lifesaving C-section, or poison in the form of radiation must be administered to destroy the cancer which is killing the person, so too does God use drastic measures to rescue us from the curse of sin.  For us to live, Christ had to die.  It makes no sense, yet here we are, in a life of repentance and forgiveness through a radical situation, where God Himself, in Christ, died so we might live.  He has delivered us, and no evil shall touch you.
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