Blind Justice

When disaster brings sudden death, he mocks at the calamity of the innocent. The earth is given into the hand of the wicked; he covers the faces of its judges—if it is not he, who then is it?
Job 9:23-24
Blind Justice
Our courtrooms are adorned with statues of lady justice holding the scales as her eyes are blindfolded. The symbolism is obvious.  Justice is blind, that is impartial.  Not taking sides just seeing the facts and rendering a verdict from there.  This is not the picture of justice Job envisions when he says, “he covers the faces of its judges.”  No out of a place of sever pain and suffering, Job feels that judgement is poured out upon all peoples, that is the innocent and the guilty equally suffer the punishment.  Yet how can this be, if we have a loving God?  The truth is that God does not hide His eyes to the sins of the world and just merely pour His wrath upon all of it.  Even though He would be justified in doing so, as there are no innocents on earth, the whole creation has been tainted with sin.  No God does not place a blindfold before His eyes, instead He places a rob.  The rob of righteousness which Christ exchanged with you for your sin, is now what god sees when He looks at His faithful.  He does not see the corrupted sinful people we are, but instead see His Son’s perfect righteousness, He sees you cleansed in the blood of the Lamb.    
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