God Most High

"Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth."
God Most High
The name of God is explained more fully by what the text adds about the Possessor of heaven and earth. . .. It points out the God who has heaven and earth under His control as His property and possession. In this way, therefore, it excludes all false gods, yes, even angels, kings, the holy fathers, etc. To this one Most High it ascribes being the Head of the family, whose abode is the heaven and the earth, and who, like the head of a household, directs and rules whatever there is anywhere—angels, devils, human beings, tyrants, slaves, saints, and wicked men. All these are in the household of God and are forced to acknowledge Him as the Head of the household and to obey His will. . .. Melchizedek praises the divine Majesty as the only and supreme God, who has everything in His hand and controls it with power and dispatch; for He gave the four kings into the hands of Abraham, a beggar and sojourner. "Why, then, do you deceive yourselves and worship stones and wood, the works of your own hands? Why do you not turn to the God of Abraham, who has revealed to you so clearly that He alone controls and possesses the heaven and the earth?" He praises the God who bestows blessings, and at the same time he instructs the Church and calls the heathen away from their idolatry to the true knowledge of God.
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