God Changes the Heart

Jacob lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, Esau was coming, and four hundred men with him.
God Changes the Heart
The matters recounted in this chapter are clear and easy because they deal with moral issues, civil life, and human affairs. . .. For as an example for our faith and to strengthen it, Moses describes how God hears the groaning of a weak and struggling faith. These groans are, indeed, ineffable but not without great fruit. Thus Jacob belongs to the number of those of whom Christ says (Mark 9:23): “All things are possible to him who believes." For by faith he has come forth as the conqueror of God and men so that neither God nor man wishes to harm him or is able to do so. God has blessed him, but his brother Esau has experienced such a change that he not only does not want to harm him but even wants to help, love, and be good to him. His anger has been changed into brotherly kindness. . .. This victory, that he was about to overcome his brother, was promised to Jacob by God gratis and out of pure goodness. Esau is not conquered by strength, diligence, plans, evil tricks, or pretense but solely by the goodness of God, for his will is changed. This is the most illustrious victory of all, when men are brought to such a point that their hearts and wills are changed. . . This is the work of the power and majesty of God alone, to change an angry and offended heart and mind into a quiet and kind one.
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