The Time for Rescue

In Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.
The Time for Rescue
No human being can endure [the devil's attacks] without God's special help and strength. . .. For [the devil] takes for himself a piece of truth which one cannot deny and with it increases the cutting edge of his lies so that a person cannot defend himself. . .. At this point, then, the time is ripe for rescue and help from heaven above; either a brother will stand by you with a spoken word of God, or the Holy Spirit Himself will be in your heart, reminding you of such a spoken word and saying: "You have confessed and not denied, for the devil has made you admit that you have sinned and been justly condemned, like Judas. But now like St. Peter turn back to Christ, and look at what He has done for you. . . Because you are in Christ and call upon Him, your answer of ‘Yes’ has in turn become a 'No,' and you can defy the devil and make your boast in opposition to him: 'If I am truly a sinner, I am nevertheless not a sinner. I am a sinner in and by myself apart from Christ. Apart from myself and in Christ I am not a sinner, for He has blotted out my sin with His holy blood; I do not doubt that. [As proof] of this I have Baptism and Absolution and the Sacrament as sure seals and letters,' "

From The Private Mass (Luther's Works 38:157-58)
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